About us

Centro Ecuestre Orosol was born with the clear objective of being an excellent option for riding lessons, training, horse care and to meet the expectations of our visitors, customers and students. We have beautiful and comfortable facilities with easy access, exclusive attention and recognized instructors with extensive experience.

Training Classes

We offer dressage and jumping classes for all levels: beginners, advanced and competition. The lessons, dressage and care of horses in Orosol, go hand in hand with professionals with a vocation, trained and high performance, who inspire and motivate our students to achieve their goals.

Extensive Facilities

We have extensive facilities, work tracks -open and indoor- as well as an exclusive area for companions and visitors, which we also have available for social activities. In addition, our stables have the most detailed care and maintenance service for the well-being of the horses, thus guaranteeing the peace of mind of their owners.


Each of our services is provided with professionalism, dedication and excellence, aimed at offering the best experience to those who visit us in a natural, safe, warm and harmonious environment. Orosol is undoubtedly the ideal place to enjoy and learn from the passion of the equestrian world.



Share the love and passion for horses in the different disciplines and spaces in which we share with them.


Learn in coexistence and harmony with the animals, companions and instructors.


We encourage the development of abilities and skills as riders and riders, through the perseverance and experience of professionals who will enthusiastically guide their learning.


To be able to teach and see our students grow in such a way that their learning and equine experiences serve their personal and life development.


Generate smiles and emotion by enjoying every moment on the back of an animal, by caring for and living with horses and seeing their advances as horsemen and riders.